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Our greens

Here you can see a small part of the greens we have prepared for you. Each one is special and comes with all the needed features, options and all the rest that can help you have the best game possible.

Beginner’s heaven

This is the first green we have to offer. As you can imagine it is ideal for beginners and it comes with all the essentials and extremely simple yet fun game to play. The entire green is optimized for beginners to help them learn and master the game. Pros can have fun here as well, but they usually pick another course we have prepared. You can see those below.

Green California

This green is designed and made for intermediate, professional and also beginner players. It is one place where you can have tons of fun and where you can learn from the best. It has been our pride and joy for decades and it is upgraded to the latest requirements. It is stunning course you will need to visit as soon as possible.

Pro master

The course here is made for absolute professionals and those who want to play the game as they deserve. The latest features, holes across the field and so much more is available. Beginners are welcome to play here as well, although many of them will find the green too complicated.

Become a member

Join us today and start getting all the perks and all the services you will ever need, all for one purpose. To have the best experience.



Beginners club, clubs and balls included.



Beginner and pro fields. Bar and restaurant and services.



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